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2009-10-11 19:56:04 by prankster500

i can make art woo hoo

well i cant make games i can make cartoons but i dont know how to get it to a .swf file i think it is if someone can help me i would thank you.

about me

2009-08-21 16:39:02 by prankster500

hi im prankster500 i can make video games or cartoons so i rate them

my new cartoon

2008-12-04 20:41:57 by prankster500

holy crap im doing it i am realy doing it a cartoon!im almost done but my windows movie maker is acting up but im half way done i hope to get it on this weekend or next week.

my army bitches

2008-11-29 21:46:06 by prankster500

my army

my army bitches